About Prestige Tour and Travel Promotions


Prestige Tour and Travel Promotions Inc. was established in 1991 to increase the number of people interested in visiting Ghana.

Since then, we have expanded our itinerary to include Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, South Africa and other African countries. We have also included trips to Asia and Europe. Our tour and travel packages are not just vacations. Our packages include educational activities, fact-finding, ancestry-tracing, and many wonderful discoveries.

As benefiting a homecoming, Prestige will welcome you and treat you like an individual, not a group. The key to our success is based on trust, honesty, and hard-work which not only is beneficial to our clients but also to our business partners.

Africans are the most friendly people on earth. From chiefs down to the average Joe, everyone is welcomed and everybody is treated as a special guest.

Our Staff Email List

New York Staff

Eddie Somuah: eddie@flyprestige.com

Lana: lana@flyprestige.com

Kofi Buah: Kofibuah@flyprestige.com

Verlencia: verlencia@flyprestige.com

Massachusetts Staff

Hayford: hayford@flyprestige.com

Sarah: sarah@flyprestige.com

Augustine: augustine@flyprestige.com

Virginia Staff

Esther: esther@flyprestige.com

Aoduro:  aoduro@flyprestige.com

Maryland staff

Mark: Mark@flyprestige.com

Atlanta staff

Harriet: harriet@flyprestige.com